Citizen Developer Process Creator Micro-Certification Dumps


  1. The Process Automation Designer Properties panel shows which type of properties?
  • Process Definition
  • Activity
  • Lane


  1. You want to filter the Playbook you are using to only display activities that have not been completed. Where do you configure this filtering?
  • Playbook header


  1. While working on an activity in the Process Automation Designer, you are looking for its input variable values. Where are they located?
  • Details tab


  1. You have completed building your process. What is the final thing you need to do so it runs when triggered and the process execution begins?
  • Configure the trigger definition


  1. An agent is viewing a Playbook on a workspace. When will each stage show as complete?
  • When the activities in the stage are complete


  1. You know what you want your process to do, but you don’t know what the available actions are. Where would you look for default actions?
  • Add an activity


  1. You want to get started building your process, but cannot find Process Automation Designer in the application navigator. What should you do?
  • Contact your ServiceNow system administrator for access


  1. define the fIow of work in their area. what are some of the advantages of building processes using Process Automation Designer you could share with them?
  • Pass important data for use within the business process
  • Define record life cycles from creation to completion
  • Build end-to-end applications


  1. You need to weave cross-enterprise workflows together into a single unified process. What Now Platform feature should you leverage?
  • Process Automation Designer


  1. one of the activities in your process definition is responsible for its own automated process. What reusable Flow Designer components can be utilized for this activity?
  • Actions
  • Subflows
  • Flows


  1. You want your activity to begin as soon as its lane starts running. What value should you set in the “When to start” field of the activity?
  • immediately


  1. You need to check the SLA timer applied to a playbook activity. Where do you look for this detail?
  • Expand the activity card


  1. You are going to add one of the pre-defined activities delivered by ServiceNow to your process. These include both the functionality and the user interface of your activity, such as what default action buttons appear. You first select “Add an activity” What do you select next?
  • Common Activities


  1. A member of your team asks about the purpose of Playbooks. What are some of the benefits you want to highlight?
  • A playbook visualizes the activities configured using Process Automation Designer
  • A playbook assigns interactions to agents
  • A playbook generates process activities


  1. When you open your process definition in the Process Automation Designer you notice its activities divided into several vertical columns. What are these vertical columns called?
  • Lanes


  1. The process you are building should run when a new facilities request for kitchen supplies is submitted. Where do you define these specific conditions so your process is initiated only when appropriate?
  • Select a trigger

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