Predictive Intelligence Micro-Certification Assessment Dumps

1.       On what instance does the solution training take place?

Data center training server


2.       Predictive Intelligence is available to customers who

Use the ServiceNow could Solution,
Use other Now Intelligence applications


3.       Which statement best describes the use of update sets in PI?

Update sets are used to export solutions between instances


4.       A class record is a record for each.

Output field value


5.       What is the minimum number of records needed to create a solution?



6.       Which statement best describes what happens when a solution definitions scheduled to train on an instance?

Newly trained solutions are automatically activated


7.       What is the maximum number of classes that a classification model can support?

No fixed class limit


8.       Which statements are true about language processing?

PI supports multiple languages,
Additional languages can be added by activating additional choices,
PI processes the data set in English by default


9.       Which statement is not true about word corpuses?

PI uses word corpuses to predict field values


10.   What is the goal of the clustering framework?

Group similar records


11.   Which is not a framework of Predictive Intelligence?

Natural Language Understanding


12.   If you want to recluster  your records periodically, which field should you update?

Update Frequency


13.   Why would a class be added to the exclusion list for classification solutions?

There are less than 30 records with that specific class


14.   What is the purpose of the prediction server?

Train ML solutions


15.   Which statements are true about similarity solutions?

Recommends similar/relevant records
PI groups based on textual similarity
PI can compare different record types

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