Well, when I was a kid I was always fascinated by the technical stuff that’s why when I got into college I started learning different languages like C, C++, Java, HTML, CSS, and began to get my hands dirty in Android Development but it was very hard to find resources which can provide me proper A to Z guide to learn android development, yeah there were many paid resources available and I tried few but they were also not that good or there content was deprecated.. anyhow I managed to get basic knowledge of android development using different resources available online but when I started moving to advanced concepts then it became very hard to find a proper tutorial or guide for those.

While keeping this problem in my mind I and my like-minded friends decided to create a platform where a person can find beginner to Advance level knowledge of a particular technology like Android Development, Flutter, etc. So this is how we created DSAtechblog.com, here we are going to post tutorials and blogs on different technologies like Flutter Development, Android Development, ServiceNow, etc. All this information is going to be free, up to date, and in very simple language. As we are students, we know the perspective of a beginner and we are going to keep that in mind while creating these tutorials and blogs for you. So stay tuned and be ready to learn new things!

Happy Learning 🙂

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Our goal is to make knowledge and information of new technologies accessible to every single person easily for free.

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For now Courses for Android Development, Flutter and ServiceNow is are under Development. Many more going to be added in future.

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With the tutorials we are also going to post blogs on regular basis about the updates and queries related to the technologies we are currently working on.