Application Developer Process Creator Micro-Certification Dumps


  1. What can drive the execution of a custom activity?
  • Subflow
  • Flow
  • FIow Action


  1. What do non-interactive activities do?
  • Run behind-the-scenes on the Now Platform not requiring user input


  1. By selecting Show advanced properties in the Properties panel, you can
  • View and edit the activities inputs


  1. What can be used to customize the default Playbook user experience to create a visualized business process workflow?
  • Playbooks and PAD


  1. You can configure inputs for each what?
  • Activity


  1. What do activity executions provide?
  • Runtime information about activities in a process definition


  1. What is an Instruction activity?
  • A display of simple messages to guide end users through your process


  1. What can you use to leverage arbitrary data during a process?
  • Flow data definition



  1. What does an activity definition describe?
  • How activities in your process definition receive the data they need when your process runs


  1. When your process runs, the system creates what?
  • An Activity


  1. What user role uses Process Automation Designer?
  • Workspace Administrators


  1. Creating Activity overrides enable you to change what?
  • The Playbook experience
  • Prioritized state
  • UI component used to display matching activities in a playbook


  1. What default trigger type runs when a user updates an existing record in the platform?
  • Record Updated


  1. Whether modifying a lane or activity, you can select the Show/hide properties icon (or select a lane title or activity card to access what?
  • The basic properties for the item selected


  1. What user role uses Playbook Experience?
  • Workspace Administrators


  1. Where within a Workspace can you choose to integrate the Playbook component?
  • in the contextual side panel
  • Within the related items tab


  1. What is a Create Task activity?
  • A task record that is created from previously gathered or generated data


  1. What default trigger type runs when a user creates a new record or updates an existing record in the platform?
  • Record Created or Updated


  1. You can apply default or custom Playbook actions to what?
  • Playbook Experiences


  1. Every time you design a business process, think of it as creating a process definition that consists of what?
  • Triggers, lanes, and activities


  1. What default trigger type runs when a user creates a new record in the platform?
  • Record Created


  1. What does the Experience type influence?
  • How the activity is represented on a playbook


  1. What user role uses Agent Workspace?
  • Workspace Administrators


  1. Interactive activities prompts a user for what?
  • Input in a Workspace Playbook experience when your process runs


  1. What does the Global Playbook experience record define?
  • The default playbook configuration


  1. What happens if you don’t choose an Experience type in an activity definition?
  • it doesn’t show up in the playbook
  • The experience fails


  1. What is a placeholder activity?
  • An activity card that con be placed that indicates what a future activity may do

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