Citizen Developer Application Creator Micro-Certification Dumps

  1. You want your process to connect to the right resources. what tool should you use to leverage pre-built integrations without writing code?
    • App Engine Studio.
  1. You just finished configuring your new flow’s properties (name and description) in Flow Designer. what is the next step in building your flow?
    • Add a trigger
  1. what type of coding familiarly is needed for a developer to collaborate on your new ServiceNow application
    • pro-code
    • no-code
    • Low-code
  1. which section of catalog builder can you set the record submission table?
    • Destination
  1. Your development environment consists of three different instances: DEV, TEST, and PROD. A defect is discovered while reviewing your application in the TEST instance. where should the fix be implemented?
    • DEV
  1. You are adding a field to allow users to choose from an approved set of values. When would a Choice field ve more appropriate than a Reference field?
    • When Values not stored in a table
    • For smaller lists of values
  1. You just uploaded your legacy data into ServiceNow what is the next step in the import Process?
    • Preview Import Data
  1. You have received feedback that the application form is confusing some employees. What would be a good solution to this problem?
    • Create a record Producer with Table Builder
  1. What is the starting point for any application in App Engine Studio?
    • Data
  1. You currently track all program interactions in spreadsheet. If you convert the spreadsheet into a ServiceNow table what will its columns become in the new Table?
    • Fields
  1. You just finished building your application using App Engine Studio. What happens when you select submit?
    • System Administrator reviews the applications for approval
  1. How do you navigate to the development environment to work on your application?
    • App Engine Studio > Configuration > Environment
  1. You are looking for tutorials and helpful job aids to explain the process of developing your application from start to finish. Where in App Engine Studio Would be a good Place to look?
    • RESOURCE menu
  1. When evaluating if you should convert your legacy application into a new ServiceNow Application, what characteristics would make it a good fit?
    • Requires reporting capabilities
    • Needs workflow to manage process
    • Uses forms a interact with data.
  1. An Organization is currently using SPREADSHEET for managing customer tickets. How would you create a request table in ServiceNow?
    • Upload a SPREADSHEET

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