Application Developer User Interface Creator Micro-Certification Dumps

  1. What is the main purpose of using page Variants?
    • Provide targeted content to specific roles or user groups under the same path
  1. The playbook component can be added to which areas of a configurable workspace? (multiple)
    • Contextual sidebar
    • Related Item
  1. Providing test values for the required page parameters allows a developer to preview data in UI Builder while working on the page. These parameters can be handed over to components through which data binding.?
    • context.props.[variable_name]
  1. When styling individual components, it’s generally recommended to: (Multiple)
    • Style the component directly
    • Style the ‘Main’ wrapper containing the component.
  1. What sets a modal apart from other elements of a page?
    • It blocks interaction with the rest of the application
  1. What is the best practice for how a developer should start building a page with components?
    • Container(s) first, then add components to the containers
  1. Event mapping is the process of mapping an event’s payload or contextual values to an object or handler that acts on the event. Which types of events are used in UI Builder? (Multiple)
    • Component            
    • Declarative action
    • Data resource
    • Page
  1. Components are static when first added to the page, they will not perform any actions. To change the appearance and content of a component, which function should be used?
    • Event
  1. Common required parameters include:
    • sysId, table or query
  1. Themes determine the visual style of your app’s experiences to express the look and feel of your brand. What can a developer do if they need to create different variations of a theme to meet different requirements for visual styles?
    • Extend a theme and override individual inherited styles
  1. Which tool within UI Builder is used to edit Client Scripts that can be bound to an event handler or any component?
    • Now Code Editor
  1. Which roles grant access to UI Builder? (Multiple)
    • ui_builder_admin
    • admin
  1. Same components like Data row or Data set require that the data input is formatted in a specific way to be displayed properly. Which kind of data resource can be used to feed these components?
    • HTML
  1. What is UI Builder?
    • A CMS web content builder
  1. Data resources can be used for a range of data actions, which of the following is not one of them?
    • Classification
  1. UI Builder uses which standards-based web layout technology to provide powerful and modern layouts?
    • CSS
  1. The contextual sidebar on the record page is a baseline variation of which component?
    • Viewport
  1. What does a developer need to install to create your own re-usable custom components?
    • ServiceNow CLI
  1. While required parameters are fixed parts of the page URL, optional parameters have these characteristics: (Multiple)
    • They’re always name and value pairs
    • They can be provided in any order
  1. What is the difference between core components and experience components?
    • Core components are atomic elements like buttons and labels, experience components are more complex like lists and forms.
  1. A developer created a new page that references a page template. How will this page behave during instance upgrades?
    • It gets upgraded to the new version of the template.
  1. Updating one or multiple records in the ServiceNow database requires a:
    • Operations data resource
  1. What language is the Now experience Framework based on?
    • JavaScript
  1. Which experience setting allow a developer to customize a web experience to their organization’s needs? (Multiple)
    • Branding and Theming
    • Experience name and path
    • Page Layout and Variants
    • Application scope
  1. Which settings allow you to specify which page variant a given user sees? (Multiple)
    • Audience
    • Conditions
  1. What is a page definition called on the Now platform
    • Macroponent
  1. UI Builder allows a developer to hand over information from one component to another. What kind of parameter is used to achieve this?
    • Client State Parameter
  1. When creating a new page or editing the settings of an existing page, the path setting determines:
    • How to access the page through their browser, it’s part of the page URL

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