ServiceNow's Certified Application Developer (CAD) exam Dumps - 4

1. How are debug business rules(details) different from the debug business rules? 

ANS:  old changes and new changes in the fields are shown 

2. Which gives the information to help users in filling the form? 

ANS: Annotations 

3. Table.none -> Admin and ITIL  Table.u_field_3 -> Admin What ITIL can see? 

ANS: All fields other than field3 

4. ACL execution order 

ANS: Roles, conditions, Scripts 

5. Which is not a valid field type? 

ANS: Date 

6. which of the following is correct? 

ANS: get( ), _query( ), query( ) 

7. what is correct about deleting fields in table? 

ANS: user defined non inherited fields gets deleted       

8. Which type should be used when the module should redirect to the Record Producer form 

ANS: URL(form arguments)  

9. gs.eventQueue() is used for generating the events. Then the response will be: 

ANS: Email notifications and Script actions  

10. Which platform feature can be used to determine the relationships between field in an Import Set table to field in an existing ServiceNow table? 

ANS: Transform Map   

11. When creating new application files in a scoped application, cross scope access is turned on by default in which of the following? 

ANS: Table 

12. When evaluating Access Controls, ServiceNow searches and evaluates 

ANS: From the most specific match to the most generic match 

13. Which Report Type(s) can be created by right-clicking on a column header in a table’s list? 

ANS: Bar Chart and Pie Chart 

14. Which of the following methods are useful in Access Control scripts? 

ANS: gs.hasRole() and current.isNewRecord() 

15. Modules must have a Link type. Which one of the following is a list of Link types? 

ANS: Assessment, List of Records, Separator, Timeline Page 

16. Which one of the following is not part of the client-side scripting API? 

ANS: Glide record 

17. Which objects can you use in a Scheduled Script Execution (Scheduled Job) script? 

ANS: GlideSystem and GlideRecord 

18. Which of the following objects does a Display Business Rule NOT have access to? 

ANS: previous 

19. Which one of the following is NOT a method used for logging messages in a server-side script for a privately- scoped application? 

ANS: gs.log() 

20. Which one of the following is true for a Script Include with a Protection Policy value of Protected? 

ANS: The Protection Policy is applied only if the application is downloaded from the ServiceNow App Store 

21. Which objects can be used in Inbound Action scripts? 

ANS: current and email 

22. Which Application Access configuration field(s) are NOT available if the Can read configuration field is NOT selected? 

ANS: Can create, Can update, and Can delete 

23. Which one of the following is NOT a UI Action type? 

ANS: Form choice 

24. Which one of the following is true for a table with the “Allow configuration” Application Access option selected? 

ANS: Out of scope applications can create Business Rules for the table 

25. When configuring the content of an Email Notification, which syntax should be used to reference the properties of an event triggering the Notification? 

ANS: ${event.} 

26. A scoped application containing Flow Designer content dedicated to a particular application is called a(n): 

ANS: Spoke 

27. The source control operation used to store local changes on an instance for later application is called a(n). 

ANS: Stash 

28. Which one of the following is NOT required to link a ServiceNow application to a Git repository? 

ANS: Application name 

29. Which roles grant access to source control repository operations such as importing applications from source control, or linking an application to source control? 

ANS: source_control Admin 

30. Which one of the following is NOT a debugging strategy for client-side scripts? 

ANS: gs.log() 

31. If the Create module field is selected when creating a table, what is the new module’s default behavior? 

ANS: Display a list of all records from the table   

32. How many applications menus can an application have? 

ANS: 1 

33. Why create custom applications.  

ANS a. To replace outdated, inadequate, custom business applications and processes  b. To extend service delivery and management to all enterprise departments  c. To extend the value of service now  

34. a studio feature  

ANS: Code search , Push to repository  

35. Not available in form designer  

ANS: Schema Map  

36. Organize fields on a form  

ANS: Sections  

37. In SOAP message, which syntax indicates a variable when the function is called – 

ANS: ${variable_name}  

38. Table.none -> Admin and ITIL  Table.* -> Admin  Table.u_field_3 -> ITIL  What ITIL can see? 

ANS: Field 3 only 

39. Method used for sysID  

ANS: gs.getUserID()  

40. Which one of the following is the fastest way to create and configure a Record Producer? 

ANS. Open the table in the Table records and select the Add to Service Catalog Related Link 

41. Service Now can EXPORT the data of file types?  

ANS: a. Excel , CSV, REST, SOAP API data   

42. Task table is  

Ans. Parent and Base table  

43. True for application picker and application scope  

Ans. Selecting application in the picker sets the application scope 

44. What are benefits of storing the majority of an application?  

ANS: only run when called ,the script logic is hidden , changes to application logic made at single place  

45. Which of the following is not a way for data to be entered into a service now application?  

ANS: Java package call  

46. Not a way to install application  

ANS: Copy form one instance to another  

47. Which one of the following is the baseline behavior of a table in a privately-scoped application? 

ANS: All application scopes can read from the table 

48. When configuring a module, what does the Override application menu roles configuration option do? 

ANS: Users with the module role but without access to the application menu access the module 

49. What are some of the considerations to document as part of the business process? 

ANS: Business problem, data input/output, users/stakeholders, and process steps 

50. To see what scripts, reports, and other application artifacts will be in a published application: 

ANS: Examine the Application Files Related List in the application to be published 

51. Which of the following CANNOT be debugged using the Field Watcher? 

ANS: Script includes 

52. Which of the following is NOT supported by Flow Designer? 

ANS: Test a flow with rollback Domain separation 

53. Which of the following statements does NOT apply when extending an existing table? 

ANS: You must script and configure all required behaviors 

54. One of the uses of the ServiceNow REST API Explorer is 

ANS: Create sample code for sending REST requests to ServiceNow 

55. Which server-side object provides methods for working with dates opened when writing scripts in a privately scoped application?

ANS: GlideDateTime

56.  What is NOT included in ServiceNow REST API?


57.  Script Actions are only triggered by events? T/F?

ANS: True

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